The ugly truth of refined oil

We should stop giving poison i.e. refined oils to our kid's and family members.

If you want to save your life and your family’s life, then definitely read this post, otherwise it’s your choice…!

If there is any food item in India that causes maximum deaths, it is… Refined oil.

According to the Kerala Ayurvedic University of Research Center, every year about 20 to 25 lakh deaths have been caused by … refined oil

After all the statements made by brother Rajiv Dixit have come true…
DNA damage, RNA destruction, heart attack, heart blockage, brain damage, paralysis, sugar (diabetes), blood pressure, impotence, cancer from refined oil Weakening of bones, joint pain, back pain, kidney damage, liver damage, cholesterol, loss of eyesight, leucorrhoea, infertility, piles, skin disease etc. Refined oils are the main causes of thousand diseases.

How is refined oil made.?
The oil is extracted along with the peel of the seeds, in this method impurities comes in the oil, to make the oil tasteless, odorless and colourless, the refining process is used.

water, salt, caustic soda, sulphur, potassium, acid and other dangerous acids are used in the process of washing , so that all the impurities would be removed.
In this process, thick waste like coal tar is produced which is used in making tyres. This oil has become poison due to it’s acid process or refining process.

Caustic or soap is mixed with oil and heated to 180°F. Due to which all the nutritional elements of this oil are destroyed.

In this method P.O.P. {Plaster of Paris} (/P.O.P. This house) is used to clear the color of the oil and the mixed chemical is cleaned by heating it at 130°F!

Nicol and hydrogen are mixed with oil in a tank and stirred. In all these processes, the oil is heated and cooled 7-8 times, due to which polymers are formed in the oil, it threatens the digestive system and due to non-digestion of food, all diseases occur. * Nickel * is a type of Catalyst or catalyst metal (iron) which damages our body’s Respiratory system, Liver, skin, Metabolism, DNA, RNA. All the elements of refined oil are destroyed and due to mixing of acid (chemical), it damages the internal organs. Do it.

Jaipur’s Professor Shri Rajesh ji Goyal told that, drinking dirty drain water, nothing will happen because our body’s immunity fights and destroys those bacteria, but the person who eats refined oil is sure to die prematurely. Is!

* Now read with heart… *
* Our body is made up of 63 crore cells, to keep the body alive, old cells are replaced by new cells, the body uses blood to make new cells,*
* If we use refined oil, then the amount of toxins or poisonous elements in the blood increases and the body gets obstructed in making new cells,* So many types of diseases like Cancer, diabetes, heart attack, kidney problem, There will be thousands of diseases like allergy, stomach ulcer, premature ageing, impotence, arthritis, depression, blood pressure etc. Oil becomes very expensive due to the process of making refined oil, so palm oil is mixed in it to lessen it’s cost. (Palm oil itself is a slow death.)

Government order...
The policy of our country is run at the behest of the American government. To spoil the palm of America, the Manmohan Singh government promulgated an ordinance that, 40% to each oil companies It is mandatory to mix palm oil in edible oils, otherwise the license will be canceled! America benefited a lot from this, people started getting sick due to palm, chances of heart attack increased by 99%, then medicines also started coming from America, heart spring (smaller ring than pen spring), sold for 2 lakhs.
Means America has laddoos in both hands, palm is also theirs and medicines are also theirs! * Now many well-known companies extract black oil from the car, cheaper than palm oil… * (Which you leave with the car service person) That too is refined and mixed with edible oil, many a time there are news of getting caught in the newspapers.
Soybean is a pulse, not an oilseed. In pulses… There are moong, moth, gram, soyabean, and all types of pulses etc. In oilseeds… Sesame, mustard, groundnut, coconut, almond etc. .
So basically soybean oil is pure palm oil only. Soybeans are used to make palm oil refined.
One of the characteristics of soybean is that it absorbs liquids, Palm oil is very black and thick, Whole soybean is put in it, so that the soybean seed absorbs the greasiness of that palm oil and then the soybean is grinded, due to which the greasy substance oil and flour are separated, Soya Mugaudi is made from the flour! If you want, take soybeans to any oil expeller and ask him to extract oil! He will not extract oil even after paying one lakh rupees per month, because. Soybean flour is made, not oil!
The oil of sunflower, rice bran (fodder) etc. cannot be extracted without refining, so it is poisonous! Fortune..(oil brand) ie.. the one who ends the future of you and your family…
By using Saffola…(in Hindi saffola means -child of a snake) body poisoned after consuming it for 5 years, and after 10 years.. Saffola (The snake child has now become a snake. After 15 years.. death… means Saffola has now become a dragon and it will now swallow you.!
Earlier people used to die at the age of 90.. 100 years, then they used to get salvation, because all their wishes were fulfilled. And today… suddenly a 18 yrs young boy gets a heart attack and dies in a while….?
He is full of many dreams for tomorrow, and sudden death..?
For satisfaction of body, mind, wealth and soul, only raw safflower oil, sesame, mustard, groundnut, coconut, almond etc. oil should be used!* Only oil extracted from raw sorghum should be used to enhance nutrition and keep the body healthy!
Nowadays all the companies.. Kachhi Ghani
writes oil only on their products! That is absolutely a lie.. Sheer deception!

That’s why we started it as a mission because we believe in “eat pure and stay healthy”.
Share this post, this is a campaign to save people’s lives .


The 17-year-old son of the Mahakal Temple’s priest died of a heart attack after performing sword fighting at the temple’s flag ceremony on Sunday.

A video went viral on social media,where Mayank–a student of class 11, can be seen showing off his sword fighting skills.

‘Mahakal Dhwaj Chal’ ceremony was organised in Ujjian on the occasion of Rang Panchami. Son of priest Manglesh Shrama, Mayank can be seen participating in the event with all zeal. Right after the performance, he felt slightly uneasy and left for home.

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